Primary Projects

College Provider Prevention Study

The College Prevention Study examines postsecondary institutions’ selection and implementation of strategies to prevent students’ risky drinking. The project investigates the use of the NIAAA’s College Alcohol Intervention Matrix (CollegeAIM) and the extent to which stakeholders consult the CollegeAIM in selection. Moreover, the study incorporates stakeholder perspectives through collaboration with Partners in Prevention (PIP), a statewide prevention coalition. Ultimately, the study will lend insight into the challenges to implementing evidence-based prevention as well as future supports for college providers. The study is funded by NIH Career Development Award (K08AA028543; PI: Helle) and is mentored by Drs. Kenneth Sher and Kristin Hawley.

Alcohol and Cannabis Co-Use Among

College Students

This ongoing study examines student receptiveness to prevention and treatment approaches to address alcohol and cannabis co-use. The study also provides information on the factors that may influence these preferences with the intent to determine what students would find relevant and useful in terms of treatment and prevention. This study is conducted with collaborators Dr. Cassandra Boness (University of New Mexico) and Dr. Ashley Linden-Carmichael (Penn State University).

Other Projects

We have several other projects in the lab examining prevention and treatment approaches and/or implications related to substance use.

  • College student home-state cannabis laws & association with cannabis use (led by research collaborator and prior RA and Honor's student, Hope Edwards)

  • Evidence-based treatments for cannabis use among college students (collaboration with Drs. Liana Hone, Cassandra Boness, Jessica Cronce, and Jason Kilmer)

  • Student substance use trends across 2-year and 4-year colleges (collaboration with Joan Masters and Partners in Prevention coalition)

  • Implementing EMA burst designs with community treatment settings to examine access and barriers to treatment (collaboration with Drs. Trull and Winograd).

  • Scaling up Strategic Planning: Examining colleges strategic planning process for substance prevention (collaboration with Joan Masters and Partners in Prevention)